Olesya Morgunets - Isayenko
Was born in 17.11.1984 in Kozelets village, Cherngvska
Graduated Karpenko- Kary University and stage director
TV at `Pavlov studio` .
She was a journalist on TV and installation producer on ` I
don’t believe my eyes ` channel Ukraine ,
She was a teacher of Acting and Arts from 2009 to 2011 at
children movie school.
In movies she has many professions: Assistant to the director
,location manager , Playback , installation director .
2011 she made a fairy tale" Scarecrow and little stork "
theater " Elephantie"
2012 she made an art vdeo for performance `Two ladies
in the direction of the North` for drama and comedy theater.

Molfars ` – 30 min diploma work (at the festival of `XX
century movies` 2008)`

Violoncello`- short movie (2014)